To live better, we must sleep better.
Getting enough sleep is essential to good health. Without sleep, we cannot function physically or mentally, fight off disease or build up immunity, and we’re at higher risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
Our Story
Our founder, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, turned to hemp to relieve the debilitating side effects of intense chemotherapy. It worked wonders in improving sleep and quality of life.

In fact, so well, that our founder was able to launch our first product while still receiving chemotherapy treatment.
“Hemp shouldn’t be seen as a miracle cure to every ailment, but it has certainly helped me find therapeutic relief in supportive care therapy.”

-Founder, Lullaby Luxury

Our Mission
We believe in making a difference, so we’re committed to offering premium hemp products at the fairest price possible.

We prioritise transparency, education, and quality. We will never cut corners or make bold claims.

All of our products are free from harmful chemicals, GMP certified and labelled correctly – without exaggerated statements!
Why Us?
We have a genuine desire to help others through our lived experience. So many companies are in it for the money, but we’re in it because hemp has helped us and we hope it can help you too.
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